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Alimony in Solido (aka Lump Sum alimony)

Alimony in solido may be awarded in lieu of or in addition to any other alimony award, in order to provide support, including attorney fees, where appropriate.

Alimony in solido is a form of long term support, the total amount of which is calculable on the date the decree is entered. Alimony in solido may be paid in installments; provided, that the payments are ordered over a definite period of time and the sum of the alimony to be paid is ascertainable when awarded. The purpose of this form of alimony is to provide financial support to a spouse. In addition, alimony in solido may include attorney fees, where appropriate.

A final award of alimony in solido is not modifiable, except by agreement of the parties only. Alimony in solido is not terminable upon the death or remarriage of the recipient or the payor.

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